Christmas Brunch @Radisson MBD Blu Noida!

Christmas is one of the most happiest time of my life, it comes in my birthday month, it’s winters time, everything is pretty and lit, its holiday season and above all it’s season for good food!

I am always very particular about my Christmas brunch and guess who made my brunch an amazing one this time. It was Radisson Blu MBD Noida situated aptly in sector 18, Noida!

Brunch was spread over 2 areas, interior sitting and open spaces. Open lawn was overlooking a swimming pool and it was open for all the grills and drinks! You can imagine the awesomeness considering Delhi winters and needless to say Chef left no stone unturned to make every bite lip smacking and gorgeous looking.

Then in the inside sitting they had the complete brunch places out which was again amazing to the core.

2 things worth mentioning rather 3 are.. Their desserts, their amazing Christmas turkey and their servicing.. These things made me their fan.

Christmas of 2017, completely worth it. Courtesy: Radisson BLu MBD, Noida!


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