Top 5 smartphones of 2017

  1. iPhone X


Controversial as its $1000 price tag is, the iPhone X is a seriously good, if not the best phone out there. As a piece of hardware, it looks and feels amazing. The OLED screen is one of the best, if not the best on the market; the camera is trumped only by the Pixel 2; it is faster and smoother than any other phone on the market by a distance (thanks to the class leading A11 bionic). I know of many Android users that feel like using this iPhone for the first time and that is a great feat. It nevertheless is not perfect as its battery life is still disappointing and ios 11 was the buggiest release of any Apple software ever. As it has become more fashionable to bash Apple, many people fail to realise that as a software /hardware combination, not many phones do better.


2.  Samsung Note 8


With this phone, Samsung truly did bury the ghost of the Note 7 and how. A truly, truly great screen combined with a gorgeous design made it a winner. This again was a very costly phone but thanks to the iPhone X and its $1000 price, no one seemed to be talking about the price of Note 8 and it got away. Note 8 comes with a host of pretty awesome features like the S- pen and with Samsung improving its functionality, it was a more useful addition. Again, this phone gave you everything a premium flagship user would want and no wonder it was top of the list of most tech enthusiasts.


  1. Google Pixel 2 XL


Stock Android – tick; Best camera ever on a phone – tick; Fast processor- tick. Pixel 2XL had a lot going for it this year, none more than the best camera one has seen on a smartphone. In spite of not having a dual camera setup, Google’s software geniuses have somehow managed to create better photos using just software! Moreover, most Android enthusiasts want a stock Android experience, and this phone provides just that making it a very smooth, optimised and fast experience. What did not go down that well was the price, the controversial screen and the general design of the phone. However, it is clear that Google is very serious about its hardware now and in the coming few years, the Pixel will surely rock the premium smartphone world.

  1. Samsung S8/S8+


This truly was the best premium smartphone in the Android world and most importantly, the phone that started the trend of a bezel-free 2017. Gorgeous is an understatement while talking the design and form factor of the phone. Also, Samsung got its pricing just right for the phone and no wonder it became one of the best selling phones of the year. Fast processor, mega battery, class-leading screen and a great design make this phone as good as it gets.


  1. One Plus 5T


As the year ended, One plus surprised us with their second offering of the year and one which took everyone by surprise. The One Plus 5 offered everything but coming in 2017, it did feel a little outdated on the design front. Trust, One Plus to hit back with vengeance. Thet bezel less phone came with a great screen, a good industrial design, phenomenal speed, features galore but most importantly at such an affordable price of $500 (or Rs 32,999) that everyone went gaga over it.In fact, after this phone people are questioning the need for ultra-expensive premium smartphones, as such value can be had at such a cheap price.

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