5 Things I Can’t Travel Without!

I am not a fussy traveller, I go everywhere and try everything as long as I feel comfortable with it. However, in my bag I always carry certain things that I just can’t imagine travelling without.


  1. Dettol Travel Handwash: With one of these packs you can wash your hands up to 100 times and even though it isn’t in stock anywhere now. I have the “Squeezy” bottle and I keep refilling it when I’m about to travel. I really hope Dettol can bring it back in stock. pee safe.jpg
  2. Pee Safe: This toilet sanitizer is an absolute must-have, In fact, whenever I’m travelling I sanitize my toilet seat, taps, handles, etc. with it – anything I feel that may need sanitizing is sprayed with Pee Safe. dettol.jpg
  3. Dettol Hand Sanitiser: Before I had found out about Pee Safe I used this sanitizer and tissues to sanitize all surfaces, whenever I was travelling. But, now I just attach the travel pack to my handbag and use it to sanitize my hands. 41ANX-drbxL.jpg
  4. SPF 70: I don’t really care much for the brand of SPF I use but there are some brands I trust more than the others because I’ve tried them and they really work for me – Lotus and Neutrogena are good ones. regular-tea-bags-500x500.jpg
  5. Tea Kit: I carry society tea bags because they give the best colour to my tea, I carry powder milk from Everyday or Amulya and brown sugar pouches available on Amazon.



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