SPAR Hypermarket and SOS Children’s Village come together for a new initiative, Gift a Wish.

Christmas has always been my most favourite holiday of the year. With the crisp winter nip, festivities all around and a general joie de vivre spirit, it fills me with joy. However, being around one’s own family, this time also reminds you of the needier and less fortunate ones and what one can do for them.


So, while shopping at SPAR  one of these days, I came across their Gift a Wish initiative. Under this, SPAR is collaborating with an NGO named SOS Children’s Village. This organization works all across 22 states in India with around 7200 children. SOS Children’s Village is a 68-year-old organization with a unique and successful concept of dedicated foster mothers raising homeless children as part of a larger, secure community where nutrition, education and holistic development are enabled.


SPAR is taking this unique effort, where every SPAR store until the 25th of December will be collecting gifts for each of the 7200 children from a range of products available at SPAR as gifts. In a way trying to fulfil these children’s wishes this Christmas with a Call to Action as Gift a Wish. These gifts have a heavy discount so that every customer can buy it easily and be able to gift it to the children at the SOS children’s village. SPAR is also going to give 1% of the value of any SPAR private label products for the welfare of SOS children’s village.

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This is an extremely noble initiative that is going on across the country and open to every customer walking through SPAR’s doors.


Having been a regular to the SPAR supermarket, I have always been amazed at the variety of things you get under one roof here. For the purpose of this initiative, I decided to gift a cricket bat to the naughty devils! Who knows, if we find the next Virat from among them!


I do not usually ask my readers to do anything I ask them to do, but I would like to make an exception here and ask everyone to contribute towards this wonderful initiative and help bring cheer into the lives of these children.


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