Product Review: Google Home Max

Yay, it’s time to review a new product! 😍


Google Home Max Review

The Good: 
– you get google assistant + an excellent speaker
– it has magnets at the bottom of the speaker to keep it in place
– microphones respond well
– the sound isn’t harsh
– it doesn’t rumble the surface its on when you are blasting music
– it gives you a message when you turn it upside down it says – turn it back up to get best results!

– it would talk to you like Siri would, you can ask it all kinds of silly questions, it’s like having a friend in the room

The Bad:
– very expensive ($400)


Google Home Max has an amazing speaker – thumbs up!

NOTE:  Now, Google Home Max isn’t available in India yet but if your friends and relatives are going abroad you can certainly ask them to pick you a box!

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