Cocoa and the Flying Bird


Delhi has perfected the café culture of sitting for hours, reading, sipping, discussing, and observing the passersby, the only problem is that baristas in most cafés never really perfected the coffee part of this equation. In the past 10 or so years, coffee culture, influenced from the UK, USA, Australia, and beyond, has brought a new wave of coffee shops in our country. Whether you’re a coffee snob who likes to discuss beans and roasts, or just someone who wants a good flat white, here’s a chance for you to add a new dimension to your coffee altogether.


Weekends call for parties and parties call for shots. Given that there is nothing more endearing than a vodka and coffee for the next day hangover cure, it can never hurt to add some (more) excitement to those shooters.

An evening of exquisite coffee cocktails, curated by the world’s best tasting vodka and handpicked, India specialty coffee was brought together by GREY GOOSE and BLUE TOKAI.



The rapid consumption of these 3 cocktails made the night ever better, but the BLUE TOKAI COLD FASHIONED was the star of the evening, with a hint of cardamom and musky scent of coffee added in the age old perfected Vodka had its charm to entice everyone.

The fusion between vodka and coffee is an inspiration to people who have these two things on the top of their list, but it’s fun to see bartenders and home drinks-makers doing something a little more creative on the garnish front. The room was filled with dozen cool and unusual ideas for serving cocktails, from orange hiding in the bottom of your drink to espresso perfectly jelling up with vodka and ice.


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