Five Hill Stations To Kickstart Your New Year With

Are you the one whose New Year is ideally all about going off the grid and rediscovering yourself? Then some time with the hills is just what you need.  Though most people are on the move around New Year, either headed for a trip or going back home, you can escape the rush and visit seldom taken routes.


The best way to plan any of these getaways, whether you are headed out for the long weekend or a getting a week to yourself – is to head to small towns in the outskirts of the bigger location. For example, you can head to Darjeeling in West Bengal, changing flights at the Kolkata Airport, and drive down to smaller towns like Lataguri or Mirik where you will relatively find smaller crowds of tourists and also mostly those who are taking a break from their busy lives.

So here are five places you can consider to spend some time with yourself this New Year!



Yes, yes, I know what you must be thinking but do not necessarily have to trek up to Parvati Valley. Malana is a gorgeous little village right off a cliff, visited mostly by solo backpackers and hippies. Stunning sunrises, snow-clad mountains and merry little rivers passing by, this is the place which must be visited by everyone at least once.



A quaint little hill station in Arunachal Pradesh, Tawang is as pretty as the postcards. The place is a sight for sore eyes and gets your faith back in the faith that the beauty of nature is ultimate. Picturesque monasteries,  serene landscapes and the general peaceful vibe of the place is a must for anyone looking to do away with some old perspectives.



If silence is your thing, head to this quiet little town in Madhya Pradesh filled with old ruins, temples and tombs. The silence enveloping the place is noteworthy and can be uncomfortable at times, but it might be the perfect place to clear out your head and head out for a new year.



If you want some adventure by yourself, visit Vihigaon – a small village in Maharashtra. From canyoneering to water rappelling, trekking to river tracing, this place is quite the eye-opener. Head to Mumbai for a day and relax at the Shangrila Resort before heading out to this exciting destination.


Are you ready to kickstart New Year?

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