#DilliWalaKhazanaFest @ Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj!

Purani dilli and the culture and food surrounding it has always been a hot cake and this is exactly what Ambience mall banked upon! Starting from 1st till 3rd December, they are welcoming guests for #DilliwalaKhazanaFestival! I could hear the live music from distance and it eventually resulted in my hurried footsteps to reach this festival. So ladies and gentlemen, once again, Ambience mall is hosting a Dilli wala khazana festival in its’ terrace area which has live music, food stalls and shops to buy stuff from!

There aren’t a lot of stalls but whatever they have, they are serving good stuff. I guess they chose quality over quantity. While the live music was still on and I didn’t want to divert my attention but still, I moved towards the food stalls to see what they have in store.

There are all the delicacies from Purani dilli! Dulat ki chaat, chaat bhandaar, purani dilli ka non veg and many other delicacies!

Before trying anything else I explored the shops. One place which grabbed my attention was this shop selling woolen stuff, a gorgeous collection! Other shops has nice stuff, their collection is really nice and colors are all nice and pretty.

I saw a lot of people buying things and I feel one must totally explore this!

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-03 at 8.20.12 PM

Overall if you are willing to explore some good events in Delhi this weekend, this could prove to be a worth deal considering even weather is nice.


Credit: Priyanka

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