Smartphone Review: Pixel 2 XL / Pixel 2 – Is it the best Android phone?

Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL were launched last month in India and here is a low down on the good and bad on the phone:

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The good:

Best Android Experience

There is no doubt that without any additional software to mar the experience, Google Pixel 2 XL provides the best stock Android experience. It feels less bloated than other Android phones and it is as close to a pure Android experience as you can get.

Best Software Features

The little touches that Google has brought along in the Pixel 2 XL are noteworthy and improve the user experience in many ways. Touches like the “always on” feature tell you songs that are playing in the background all the time. And being Google, they are mostly right. The Google lens is now part of the Pixel and it is really helpful. Even the squeeze function to power the Assistant is a sweet feature that although seemingly small becomes quite a go-to feature.


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Well, even keeping aside all the DXO mark ratings, Pixel 2 XL really has the best camera going around and what is more surprising is that they do not even have the telephoto or dual camera lens that most other premium smartphones have. The portrait mode is now on the front-facing camera and is mighty good, better than the iPhone X for sure. Overall, the dynamic range, the clarity and sharpness and the low light performance is just top notch. If your primary reason for buying a smartphone is the camera then this should be your go-to phone.

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The not so good:

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The design is polarising but I, for one, do not really like the way the Pixel 2 XL looks. The best-looking smartphones of 2017 have a very immersive screen and the feel is the same. The Pixel 2 XL just looks a bit odd, with its bezel a little out of place making it feel a bit wonky. Though the design has some nice features even the back looks a little plain and it does not feel like an expensive smartphone.

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The Screen

Much has been written about the burn in times and the blue issues, but the fundamental problem is whether a phone that costs above 80k should have a substandard screen? It clearly is no way comparable to the other premium smartphones and that is a monumental letdown. The screen is far too important and central to the whole smartphone experience to be second best. So even though you feel it is a rant I would still not buy the Pixel 2 XL simply because of that imperfect screen.

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