Restaurant Review – The Curry Brothers, Mumbai


The Curry Brothers opened its doors to hungry diners in July this year and it already seems to be quite a hit with Bandraites and on Zomato with a 3.9 rating. I’m glad I got a chance to visit the place last evening and enjoy some good food. As food lovers, we’re all aware of the fact that there’s a new restaurant in Mumbai every second day. Most of them open with great fanfare and unfortunately, very soon disappear.  But looks like The Curry Brothers are here to stay! If you’re hanging out in Bandra and want to grab a quick meal, this should be your go-to place.


It’s a small restaurant in one of the narrow lanes in Bandra (W) but what’s good about this place is the homely-feel and coziness as soon as you enter. The place is good for a small group and just perfect for those who love the local taste. Be it Goan, Bengali, South Indian or North India – The Curry Brothers celebrates India. The food is authentic, full of flavour, not bad portion-wise, not very heavy on the pocket, the décor is pretty and the place was well-lit. Apart from the food, what I really loved was the music they chose to play which was a mix of Goan, Bengali and Parsi music. Not to forget, the menu was pretty impressive too with enough options.
cutlet roll
As far as our dining experience goes, my brother and me decided to start our meal with a refreshing drink called the ‘Gondhoraj Lemonade’ (Rs 125). The Restaurant Manager, Mr Johnson recommended the drink and it was really good! It was a slightly different version of the lemonade from the usual one. The name itself explains that it comes from West Bengal and yes, gondhoraj is a type of lime full of fragrance from West Bengal. I highly recommend you either start or end your meal with this drink.
Next, we moved on to the starters. The first dish we tried was the Mulagapodi Chicken (Rs 285), which is basically chicken on a stick with lots of butter with some tadka. The chicken was tender and flavorfull. Next, we tried the Chicken Cutlet Roll (Rs 175), which was tastier. The roll had a generous filling with chicken cutlet, corn, cheese and some mashed veggies. If you’re looking at having something light, you could try this one.

stewsunny eating

For the main course, we tried the Kerala Chicken Stew – Parathas (Rs 285), which actually blew our minds. It was nice and sweet due to the coconut milk in it and tasted just perfect with the crispy parathas. In short, this dish is a little party for your taste-buds. A must try!
Finally, we ended our meal on a happy note with a cute cupcake called the Chocolate Marzipan Cupcake (Rs 70). This one wasn’t very sweet, neither did it have too much cream. It was a complete 10/10 look-wise and taste-wise.

The Curry Brothers is not a very fancy dining place but the right choice for those looking for authentic regional taste. Some of the recipes framed on the wall will remind you of something called the ‘Grandmama’s recipes’ and yes, it is just that! Over all, a great place for a meal with friends and family or even for solo eaters.

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