Movie Review – The Square – IFFI 2017




Any film that comes to a festival winning the Palme d’or at Cannes 2017 is met with expectation and excitement. The Square by Robert Ostlund was no different. The audience came in by the spades and the movie did not disappoint. Though, I must add that the movie will have its detractors. Slow in pace, at times going nowhere, it is a polarising experience for the viewer to watch the Square.

I, on the other hand, loved the film. Robert Ostlund has a habit of breaking down the stereotypes of men and masculinity in today’s times in the lightest of ways. The humour present throughout the film comes from a very real place and it comes from the absurdity of the characters and their relationships rather than an attempt to be funny, making the film far funnier than it seems at first.

This is a story about Christian, an art curator of a very prestigious gallery in Stockholm, and an unfortunate incident in his life leads him to interact with the “other side”, through which the audience get to know his frailties and failures. Ostlund breaks down Christian and his sophisticated facade, bit by bit through his interactions with interesting people around him that he would generally avoid.

Complex, humorous and disturbing at times, The Square is a fascinating journey into the life of a man as he meets seemingly out of the ordinary situations.

Rating – 4


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