Monkey in Winter | Review : Winter Menu


Winter is coming and so is the winter menu at each restaurant. I recently visited Monkey Bar to taste the new winter menu that is on from 15 Nov 2017 until 15 Jan 2018. So what is new for the winter, and how the monkey is jumping?


The concept is that they have launched bowls or more aptly home bowls. It is not that the serving is so big that the family will enjoy it. It is that we usually have at home with family. They have designed the new servings in bowls and the preparations comprising of rajma chawal, kadi chawal and around 10 more variants. I must say, it is a good variety. Check the menu below


The serving size is more than enough for one person. So perfectly goes with the theme “One Bowl Winter”. I loved the concept, as well the taste. Each bowl is complete in itself. We were a group of people and we tried almost everything on the One Bowl menu. I must say, each bowl was complete in all terms. Like the wild khicadi, along with a bowl of khicadi had servings of Salad, Papad, Ghee, Curd and Pickle. Each one on the table liked all of them and found one as hero bowl and surprisingly none was a unanimous choice. We could conclude which one was the best. So, all were good and liked by all. Therefore, “ek try to iss winter banta hai”.


So head out and I promise you will love it.

Don’t miss the desserts


Happy Eating… 🙂

Credit: Nipun
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