Cheers to Hard Day @Work


Happy hours are at the most unusual time, when we even cannot spend our hard-earned money in an economical way. We all believe in “Double the drinks, twice the fun”. Few understand that we actually need happy hours the most when we are not so happy after a hard day at work.

Say no to weekday blues with the fabulous Corporate Happy Hours and say “CHEERS to hard day at work” in DLF CyberHub.


Sip your favorite cocktail or relax over a soothing malt or chugging your draughts, do it what you feel like. DLF Cyber Hub has come up with exciting deals for your perfect unwinding scene after long tiring day at work, without burning holes in their pocket.
They have corporate happy hours going on from 5-7pm.

So make the most out of amazing deals for a happy high evening. Cheers! Offers are available until 30th November, 2017 in the outlets listed below:

  1. Olive Bistro
  2. Indigo Delicastessen
  3. Sodabottle Openerwala
  4. Raasta
  5. Circus
  6. Twist
  7. Delifrance
  8. Nooba
  9. Canvas
  10. SOI 7

Happy and responsible drinking… 🙂

Credit: Nipun
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