How the bond between my kid and me has strengthened after I took up the #YesChallenge

Being a mom is no joke – especially, if it is your first child. I have always been unsure and skeptical about everything I do around him or let him do. I remember when he was an infant, I hardly slept at night wondering if he would wake up for something and need me. Slowly, though, as he grew older, I became a lot calmer.

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The bond between a mother and her child is a special one – it is a connection only a mother understands. Like most moms, I, too, am very wary of what my child does, where he goes, what he eats, who he talks to, etc. I’m a very skeptical mom, to be honest, and always scared of something happening to my son. Which means I have ended up refusing most of the things he has asked for or wanted.

You must be wondering why I am saying all this…it’s because I saw this video which got me thinking:

This video made me pause and think for a long time if I’ve said too many “no’s” to my son and daughter. My son is a very lively child, but off-late I had noticed his energy levels dropping – and it got me thinking, is it because he is not getting to do what he wants? And that is where I decided to take up the #YesChallenge and be a #YesMom.

If you’ve seen the video, you would understand that the #YesChallenge aims at saying a ‘yes’ to your kid. I’d be lying if I say that it has been smooth sailing till now. It was not easy to keep on saying yes to him. I remember the first time I said yes – it was raining outside and he wanted to go play with his friends in the compound. My son was fairly stunned at hearing his mom saying yes in one go. Haha!

I started slow and steady, and began setting conditions for the ‘YES’ wherever necessary. For example, my daughter loves playing football in the mud and one day I said yes to her but set the condition that she could play it twice a week but no more. She was very excited – even with the fact that I would allow her to play only for a few days made her at least five levels happier.

I was especially careful with food and TV. I set conditions for his favourites – ice-creams, chips and cartoons – and sure enough he started enjoying these things even more. I would let him watch TV whenever he wants but allowed him to watch only for 1 hour a day. I noticed that it actually kind of made him more responsible about managing time. He would suddenly get up in between his studies and go watch his favourite shows – but made sure that he came back and finished his work.

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The whole activity has been an incredible experience for me. I was so impressed by the results, that I could not wait to share it with my friends who are fellow mothers. I also started doing research into ActivKids Immuno Boosters by Cipla, the brand behind the movement. It’s a nutritional  supplement in choco-bite form and helps build immunity for kids.  I actually invited my mommy friends over for a kitty party and shared the whole idea with them, taking them through how the activity has benefited me, we also discussed the product at length and decided to give it a try. The choco-bite format is a big plus since the kid will have it easily. Also coming from Cipla I can trust that it will be good. I WhatsApped a lot of other mommies and my friends abroad about what they think of the idea and everyone responded positively.

But coming to the results, honestly I can’t begin to tell you how much the activity has improved my son’s behaviour. He frowns way lesser, he has become much more active (a combined result of the #YesChallenge and ActivKids Immuno Boosters!), he manages time better, he has become more tolerant about talking to anyone and everyone and the best part is- our bond as grown, we are so much closer than before. We are no longer adversaries when it comes to simple activities but rather, more like friends. He doesn’t just listen to me because I am his mom but actually understands and respects the logic behind these decisions. I believe every mother should take up this challenge and try to be a #YesMom.

Take the #YesChallenge, you won’t believe how your bond with your child will grow leaps and bounds! To know more:




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