Travel Diaries: Udaipur, Rajasthan – Day 4

Clicking pictures early in the morning is my most favourite thing in the world. You get the most amazing shots and there is peace. I love the tranquility that comes with early mornings. Where ever you go, if you wake up early you will see a completely different city.

The Fateh Sagar lake is huge. There are a lot of eateries next to the lake. You can also go for a Boat ride, a camel ride or a horse ride.

It is the perfect picnic spot. You can spend the whole day enjoying the lake view but make sure you go on a day that isn’t too sunny.

You can buy a lot of trinkets at Bara Bazaar and Bapu Bazar. The Vintage Car museum is also near by. So if you are into vintage cars visit this museum. I went to the museum because I thought I would get to see some wonderful colours and cars and I wasn’t disappointed.

Dinner was something extremely delicious. I went to a friend’s place and her mother made something wonderful for us.

After dinner we all went back to the hotel and here I am writing this post. More stories tomorrow!

Good night!

Vintage Cars Image Credit: Jignesh M., Wikimedia, Keshava D.

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