Travel Diaries: Udaipur, Rajasthan – Day 2

We started our day really early.

Took the Zoomcar and drove straight to Lake Pichola to get some good shots.

We then went to get some really sinful morning grub.

And some beer …

After all our morning activities we headed straight to the City Palace.

This Palace was built over a period of 400 years. It’s construction was started in 1553. Maharana Udai Singh II started the construction of this Palace.

The Palace has a panoramic view of the lakes and city. Rajisthani and Mughal architecture is reflected in the construction.

The tickets cost ₹300 per head and if you are a student you would only pay ₹100. So, don’t forget to carry your student ID.

The city has lovely markets, Hathipol, Bapu Bazar, Bada Bazar, etc. There are so many interesting things to buy.

The city has a lot of Big and small local temples. The colours are absolutely phenomenal so don’t forget to carry your DSLR so you can capture some lovely shots.

We then stopped for some quick lunch and went to explore the city some more. We decided to head to the Monsoon Palace. It has the most beautiful view of the city and the most breathtaking sunset.

Nowhere else have I seen people clap at the sunset! It was pretty amazing.

I wanted to look at Hathipol market again because all shops were not open on Sunday.

Got two beautiful Udaipuri razais (blankets) for 1000₹ rupees. The quality and colours are amazing.

The market also has a lot of interesting things that you can pick for your home.

I ran into these three lovely people today and learnt a lot of interesting things about the city. More to come tomorrow.

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