La Piazza – Authentic Italian


However, the first thought of Italian Cuisine bangs in mind the image of Pizza and Pasta, but there is lot more to it. La Piazza brings that more, to table. I recently visited the place to try their Special Menu created by Chef Luca Tinti. The cuisine well paired with Cecci wine made every bite all the more delicious.


La Piazza holds USP not only in the authentic Italian food but also have exclusive wine collection. Discussion about wine is not complete without Fratelli. It was my first interaction and every sip was worth a million.


Simple is beautiful was the character of every preparation by the Chef. There were only four to five main ingredients of every dish. The preparations were not very sophisticated, however the quality of each ingredient was. The flavour was doing all the magic and was submissive to the power of taste.


Pasta, vegetables especially tomato, olive oil and fish were the major part of preparation. In short, would love to experience it repeatedly. I wish all the best to Chef Luca and many thanks to La Piazza, Hyatt Regency for hosting such a lovely dinner.


Happy Eating… 🙂

Credit: Nipun
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