BOOK  REVIEW: BORDERLINE  By Shabri Prasad Singh

The book, Borderline, is ,in fact, a very personal story of  a girl known as Amrita who is plaqued with a mental disorder, later diagnosed as Borderline Personality Disorder by her psychiatric, Dr Sanjay Chugh.

The life of Amrita , born to a senior Police/ Intelligence Officer, was very comfortable, but gradually the tensions and squabbles between parents became intense. Amrita was very emotionally attached to her Papa. The rift between her Papa and Mama became serious and eventually led to their divorce.

The fact that there was a history of mental illness only served to bring about early manifestations of mental sickness in Amrita. She went to New York for studies. There she fell in love with Hafez, who when discovers that Amrita is pregnant,suddenly develops a hostile attitude tp her. Amrita is torn emotionally as she does not want to give up on Hafez. Her mental condition became very fragile and her disease began to ruin her life. She could not continue her studies and returns to India.

Thereafter , her condition deteriorates further. She gets involved with drugs and other  men. He quarrels with her mother became quite frequent.

She takes to therapy which gradually improves her condition, but after a long and challenging struggle with many ups and downs.

The story is very touching and opens a new path for those struggling with their mental illnesses .Amrita shows the way for those who are in search of hope in their dark and hopeless phase in their mental condition.

Highly recommended read all  to understand the complexity of our mind, emotion and our health and  happiness. The entire book has been beautifully written and makes for unputdownable reading.


Review by: Subhash C. Sinha

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