Recipe of the Day: Motichur Laddus






Muskmelon seeds




Step 1: Buy or make a sieve will small holes so the besan batter can easily pass through it.

Step 2: Use besan 1/2 a teaspoon of ghee and water to make a runny batter to deep fry.

Step 3: Make sure that oil reaches 180 deg C and then pass the batter through the sieve and move your hand up and down to make small moti balls for the laddus. Only fry for 30-45 seconds because if the balls become too crunchy and brown they will not absorb the sugar syrup.

Step 4: Set the motichur aside to drain out excess oil.

Step 5: Make a runny sugar syrup and add the motichur to it till it becomes soft and absorbs all the sugar syrup. Add magaz (muskmelon seeds) as needed. Also add a few strands of kesar.

Step 6: Rub a little ghee on your hands and shape into laddus.

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