Dine With Royalty

One of its kind event that took place in the heart of Delhi on the 28th & 29th of October. Aptly hosted at the Embassy of Belgium under the star studded sky and the perfect weather, the event was embraced with the presence of several of the royal houses and families of India, who stepped out of their luxurious villas to eat with people from all walks of life.

 The exclusive event was an attempt made by the royals to serve the exotic dishes from their states and showcase how their food makes them stand out. Each of the royal families spoke about what was special about their ancestors and how over the decades their cooks have used the basic ingredients available in the state to cook up the best dishes one could desire.

The extravaganza started with a welcome speech, followed by a talk with by all royals on  their achievements, the present day challenges that threaten the culture of our country, some incidents from the history and a live performance from a Sufi Band. The event was hosted in customized and luxurious gazebos, with well lite up and cozy ambience, fine china fit for the kings, and served by the finest. 

The hosts took turns to explain the specialty of the states and ensured that everyone seated at the table was well taken care off and understood the history behind the dishes. It was one of its kind experience, with the royals playing perfect hosts for the evening.

One of the most exotic meals was served by the Royal house of Bhopal, where the Nawab and Sahibzadi were simply the best host for the evening. Dishes served were simply mind blowing, and the variety was astounding. The meal was well planned and perfectly balanced, with flavors from all over the state. 

The dinner started with kebabs and salads where the “Bhopali Shami’s”, “Pasanda on Roghni Roti” set the precedence to what was to follow. “Filfora” a Bhopali Jungle recipe was up next and was indeed a unique dish prepared with lightly pounded meat. “Qaliya”, “Paya”, “Machli Bhopal” were some of the other dishes which stood out, however the best dish for the evening was the “Nawabi Murgh Bhoplai Rizala”, that showcased the coriander trail of Bhopal in its true form. 

 While there was too much on the plate, two unique vegetarian dishes “Dahi Baigan” & “Arbi Ke Pattey” also known as Ghuiyya left everyone surprised with their rich taste and unique presentation styles. 

It was surely a night to be remembered and an experience of a lifetime 

Royal Families that went all out to showcase their cuisines were:-

· Aaron and Myana Royal Family

· Amarkot Royal Family

· Awadh Royal Family

· Badnore Royal Family

· Balasinor Royal Family

· Bhainsrorgarh Royal Family

· Bedla Royal Family

· Bhopal Royal Family

· Bolangir Royal Family

· Deolia Kalan Royal Family

· Jhabua Royal Family

· Jhalamand Royal Family

· Jodhpur Royal Family

· Kangra Royal Family

· Kanota Royal Family

· Kishangarh Royal Family

· Kotwara Royal Family

· Limbdi Royal Family

· Loharu Royal Family

· Mahmudabad Royal Family

· Nimaj Royal Family

· Patiala Royal Family

· Raghogarh Royal Family

· Rampur Royal Family

· Sandur Royal Family

· Santrampur Royal Family


Review and pictures Courtesy : Abhishek Mukherji


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