5 Insane Things That Happened To Me While Selling My Old Phones Online #CleanUpCashOut

I used to live in England so I learned to sell my old electronics online at a very young age. No one likes to keep any junk lying around because you always find a buyer online if you hit the right website.

Things are sold almost the same day if they are priced intelligently. However, sometimes you get queries from people who are just plain crazy. I have had so many crazy experiences online that it is impossible to describe just one.

  1. The Coventry Teenager: I listed my iPod 1st generation online and I received several queries the same day. The most interesting was one that came from this person who insisted that he was a teenager who would become a music sensation one day. He asked me to send him pictures of the iPod and shared his email address with me. I did that and I ended up receiving 100 odd email messages with attachments that I initially thought were viruses. I was very apprehensive to open it but then I decided to open one that didn’t look very threatening. Guess what it had? There were videos of that teenager singing in “Dracula” clothes. panic-1407794_1920.jpgHis room was a horror story. He said he received a notification that I had downloaded/watched his video and now if I don’t courier him the iPod he will visit me at night and drink my blood! He even shared his address with me?!
  2. The Dilli Dada: I listed my iPhone 5s online and it sold the very next day. I kept the photo ID of the person who took it from me and shared my photo ID with him. Many days later 7-8 people barged into my house claiming that they were from the cyber cell of Delhi Police. gun-1678989_1920.jpgI wasn’t home and was called by my maid. I rushed home immediately from the salon with half a head of coloured hair only to be surrounded by all these men in my living room. They were on a stolen phone sale busting spree and assumed that since I listed a lot of my stuff online I was into stolen goods too. When I showed them the bills and purchase details of all of my items they backed off. It did help throwing in the fact that my dad is an honest police officer too and that I don’t steal!
  3. The Dominos Discount: A very spindly looking guy once replied to my ad on Cashify and came home to buy an old phone I was selling for just Rs. 1000. He told me that he is a Dominos Pizza delivery guy and makes deliveries in my society all the time. He also got in a negotiation war with me which started by him saying first that I should just give him the phone as he is very poor. He then said if I would give him a 50% off on the phone he would give me a 5% off on my pizza orders. I declined. He then raised the offer to 10…20… and finally 40%!! 15232249_1184957144919546_5507268087093305921_nI finally gave up when the guy offered me free garlic breadsticks to “sweeten” the deal. You gotta admire him, persistence pays …in calories!!
  4. The Party Animal: My parents were just moving into a new house and they wanted to dispose off a lot of their old stuff. I had listed everything online and buyers would just walk in and out like they would in an open house. It was very late one evening and we had invited a lot of friends over for karaoke, cocktails, beer, snacks and cake. This buyer came in at around 9:30 and apologised for coming late as he was stuck in traffic. music-1431463.jpgThe party was in full swing and I couldn’t hear him properly so I asked him to wait outside while I went in to get my dad’s old laptop. When I came back he wasn’t at the door. I felt really stupid because I had left my party for a good 15-20 minutes to look for the laptop in all of the mess. I even had to wake my dad up to ask him the exact whereabouts of the laptop in that crazy house with blasting music. I set the laptop aside got myself a cocktail and went to the balcony only to see the buyer singing “Chinkni Chameli” while holding a beer bottle in his hand as my friends cheered for him!
  5. The Youtuber: This was without a doubt the craziest and most annoying thing that happened to me. I was trying to sell a brand new boxed sealed phone online that I got as a present and I didn’t need. It had just been launched in the market and was insanely expensive. I wasn’t hoping for the full market price but I was expecting a decent amount considering I was selling it on a second-hand buy-sell website. This guy contacted me and he said that he had been scammed by a person before who sold him a phone with a different IMEI number to the one that was printed on the box. I assured him that it was a sealed unit but he said that he didn’t trust me. I offered to give him my photo ID in case anything went wrong but he continued to say that he didn’t trust that the phone ID would mean anything. He said that the only way he would trust me is if I would send him an unboxing video if the set and a screenshot of the IMEI on the phone and the box. I make unboxing videos myself as I do tech reviews so I thought that if he could assure me he would buy this phone I could use this to my advantage. I made him promise that if I unboxed the phone he would buy it. He promised he would if I would send him the video. I sent him the video and he stopped responding altogether. I was really frustrated. youtube-2617510_1920.jpgLater, when I went to upload that video online I got a notification that the video was a duplicate of a video that already existed on Youtube! This smartass used my video as his own and uploaded it before I could on Youtube! I just didn’t know what to say, I did get all of my friends and family to leave a zillion negative comments on his scamster profile though!

DISCLAIMER: All these stories are 100% true. 

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