International Chefs Day, JW Marriott

Bengaluru, 22nd October 2017: M Café, the popular outlet at Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield, treated foodies with an exciting International Chefs Day celebration.


Tossing up some yummy delights for the guests, sumptuous brunch. outdoors sitting, live music along with behind-the-scenes live tour of their kitchen for everyone to get a peek of an exciting and inspiring culinary journey, led by the Executive Chef Mahesh Padala and his team was cherry on the top.

The most exciting and interesting fact for every individual present in the hotel during the brunch was to experience the hard work, the challenge, the perfect creation of dishes by fabulous 52 Chefs executing and placing their dreams on plate for us.

Executive Chef Mahesh Padala shared his experience and took us on a diverse cuisine tour in his kitchen along with all the other chefs and staffs of Marriott. He specified how they work on every cuisine for a healthier tomorrow along with keeping the authenticity of the dishes intact.

The willingness to experiment and innovate everyday is the fun and the challenge that his team enjoy the most.

The day got exciting for the chefs and every individual present with a fin game “game of  coins” where each live counter was judged by the individuals and chefs were rewarded by foodies, guests, kids with coins as token of love. Chefs getting the maximum coins over the week were to recognize and definitely will boost their motive to serve better.


Marriott with this event brought a whole new prospect of fun and food under one roof.

And if now also you think the chefs and their art has been praised too much then one answer to the thought :


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