KFC’s Secret burger is finally out and it’s called KFC Double Down!

My KFC craving can never stop and this time their awesomeness has reached level next!!

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They came up with a bun less burger, well no!! I am not kidding, it really is a bunless burger aptly named as KFC double down, a burger with ‘No Bun’ just crispy, golden delicious chicken! Filled with combination of woodfire and fajita sauces, crunchy veggies and cheese inside, Succulent pieces of chicken with batter that will smack your lips and trust me , you’ll go all gaga over it….

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There has been a lot of excitement over the last few days around this secret burger of KFC and now that it’s finally out and I have had my hands aover it and teeth clawed on it, I really realized what the fuss was all about!

I was completely psyched . A complete dreamWhatsApp Image 2017-10-15 at 8.48.11 PM for a chicken lover!



All chicken no bun- is available across all KFC stores for the next six weeks starting 17th October. So, don’t act now, act fast while the supplies last, everything else can wait 😀


Credit: Priyanka
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