Starting with Bun Maska and three types of beverages, may I now please refer to an amazing wonder what we food aficionado or as I use to term myself Grub._Maven, had an immense pleasure of relishing this amazing new breakfast concept started by the SBOW which stands of Soda Bottle Opener Wala @ Cyber Hub, Gurugram.

Now being a vegetarian/ eggitarian I thought of being ousted with not a lot on my plate but after going through the menu which is not only elaborative but also foodie friendly, offers  decent quantity to both the vegetarians and meat lovers.

I had this amazing kick-start with two smoothies which was pineapple and watermelon one and this tangy lemonade which one can see upright.

I also ordered a bun maska as it was 10 AM by the time we reached this venue and me and my company were famished, hence we quickly drew our swords to “food first then talk” mantra.

Eventually we were walked through the entire lesson by the chef herself and also the very sweet and amicable staff with some seriously aberrant and impressive services about the entire concept of this new breakfast and which is just simply and subtly I could tap in is, come here and have a taste of authentic Parsi breakfast but eccentrically not strictly Parsi but something that is proverbial to every palette around this location or even the experimentalists .

I strongly would recommend to go here and do try the new Bawa breakfast because people the upcoming images could be fatal to your health if you are hungry right now ;).


This was the the most unusual taste I was recommended and also the most amazing taste I have had this month. So the Dish one can see on the left is the French toast with wedding pickle, sweet whipped cream and honey and as the chef suggested I executed an experiment myself by applying on a french toast all the 3 condiments as given and turns out not only its unusual but terrific and really delicious.

Second dish present here is the Paneer Akuri with Pav, now it seems very simple and ordinary just until one taste it and feels the difference, the herbs and flavors, the masalas and the way it has been cooked, its altogether a very unique experience.


Here we have the complete palette of the Herby Poro which is the concoction of veggies in an omelette (Poro) alongwith potato wedges, veggies, in house made baked bean sauce and sour sauce and a piece of Pav.


Finally for the mains we ordered this Mushroom on Khari, which is basically mushroom and cheese on a salted puff pastry, cooked to perfection and served with smile.


So for the people who are not even into eggs, this was the hot shot dessert in house made faluda and trust me foodies, you should not miss this one, its blissful.

Second we have is what seems and tasted to me like a pure winner with heavenly taste in dessert which was the coconut and raisin pastry with milkmaid on top as frosting.

Needless to say its like a whole meal served and made for Gods.


Loved it, like everything.

Review Credit : SAGAR.

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