Sprocket Diaries – Pushkar jaunt with the HP Sprocket printer

HP recently launched a pocket-sized printer. No need to read twice, it indeed fits into your pocket and prints photos instantly. All this and it is not a polaroid camera too!


Introducing the HP sprocket – through which you can create an instant 2″x3″ stickable snapshot from literally anywhere. The tagline of the brand says it is – instant, shareable and fun and this is exactly what it is. Moreover, to connect all you have to do is to download the sprocket app and connect the device to your phone using Bluetooth and voila! you are ready to print. The sprocket app has a few built-in filters too that make this a whole lot more personalised and fun.

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To understand its virtues and to experience the device first hand, HP took some of us (lucky) ones for a quick getaway to Pushkar. The imagery and surroundings of Rajasthan were great to check the device and to create fantastic memories.

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The drive to Pushkar was comfortable in spite of the never-ending heat! We stayed at the Ananta Resort in Pushkar and it was a perfect place to soothe our travel weary bodies.

After some much needed R&R, we headed for an adventurous camel safari through the desert. We were taken in wonderfully decorated carts that were drawn by camels wearing traditional pugdis Рgiving us a very authentic (and back-breaking ) Rajasthani experience.



All was forgotten once we saw the setting sun behind the desert. As the pictures show, it was indeed mesmerising.


Coming back to the Sprocket printer, the quality of prints and colour reproduction is indeed far better to an instant polaroid. It seems very close to the feel and texture of an actual photograph. All this is possible as it uses a proprietary Zink (or Zero Ink) technology and the pictures are printed with the help of thermal printing on a thermochromic paper. In fact, the paper is affordable and easily available on Amazon.in and other such websites, making it quite a good buy.


Pushkar captured us with its quirky markets, spiritual abodes and serene lakes and the pictures and the printing never stopped. In fact, the Sprocket printer seamlessly brings back tangible memories into this seemingly virtual rabbit hole we all are a part of nowadays.



It is fun to connect, to share, to still be on social media but have a memory on our refrigerator or on a book we love so we don’t always have to look for moments in our lives through screens and gadgets.


HP Sprocket Printer

Available in – White, Black and Red

Price – 8,499 (exclusive to amazon.in)

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