Product Review: Itis Plus Care By Ozone Ayurvedics

I’m always online and there are days when I don’t even restart my laptop because it’s always on. I thought my eyes would never get weak until I was hit in the right eye by a cricket ball. 8 stitches and 6 months later I decided to try and reduce screen time.

I was absolutely unsuccessful because you can’t really be a reviewer and blogger without being online all the time. A lot of doctors recommended a lot of medicines to help me with dry eyes but nothing really helped me as much as Itis Plus Care did.

Why I am leaning towards this more than other eye drops available in the market is because these eye drops are Ayurvedic.

I would recommend this for long term use for anyone who stares at the screen too much – TV, smartphone, laptop, all included.

I have been using this two time a day for 3 months but as weeks go by your eyes would seem less dry and you can do with using this just once a day too.

It costs ₹94.00 and one bottle lasts around 15 days.


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