Our New Stationery Obsession- Bound Products!

I always thought my first love was Chocolate, but I’ve been proven wrong. I have recently found a new obsession and I am completely ‘bound’ to my new collection of Stationery.
Bound Products is the brainchild of three young Architects, Priyata Bosamia , Misri Patel and Shourya Jain who started this company out of sheer love for good quality stationery.

Pictured above is the Grey Ikat Sketchbook and the blue Elemental Sketchbook

Being in my final year of Architecture myself, I can assure you that no one loves good Stationery more than Architects. Having to use sketchbooks, paper, pencils and pens on a daily basis, architects never compromise on the quality of their products.
These are the exact qualities that Bound Products have incorporated in each and every product of theirs.
The company currently sells a range of sketchbooks and roll out pen cases that are made from beautiful materials.
They are best known for their Ikat Fabric Books and Pouches. Impeccably handcrafted books are neatly and seamlessly bound to create these one of a kind pieces.
Roll out pouches are the newest trend in pen cases. A leather knot ties a tight roll of stationery together to create an elegant masterpiece. Bound takes their roll outs to the next level by handcrafting them from the finest ikat fabric in bold, statement making colours.

Bound currently sells 3 series of sketchbooks.

The Ikat Series
These fabric wrapped notebooks and Roll out pouches are available in Grey, Deep Red and Bottle Green. Each diary comes with the option of blank or ruled pages. The blank paged books also have an option of 2 colour pages, which means half your book is white and the other half is grey or walnut coloured. How great is that?

Pictured above is the Deep Red Ikat Roll out and a matching Elemental Diary

Elemental Series
This one’s a classic. The series comprises of sketchbooks wrapped in deep, wintery coloured fabrics. The quality is superior and just the entire feel of the product is royal. If you thought men weren’t interested in stationery until now, you’ve got to see them lining up for these!

Deep Red and Blue Elemental Sketchbooks 

The Raw Series
As the name suggests this series is effortlessly simple. It comprises of a thick hard cover with visible grain and some great paper held within it. That’s it. No frills. It is available in Cement Grey and Walnut Brown.

Cement Grey Raw Sketchbook

What I love best about Bound is the simplicity and elegance of each of their products. All sketchbooks by Bound are customisable to every detail when purchased in quantities above 100. Even if you’re buying a book or two, you can choose between various types of paper and colour.
Since the company was started by three Architects one can observe the attention paid to materiality and detail. The names of series and colours also take inspiration from this aspect.
Bound plans to launch some new products using actual architectural materials and we will soon see them expanding into folios, organisers and folders as well.
They also plan to launch new colours in their popular Ikat Line. We are so excited!

You can buy your own by placing an order on bound.products@gmail.com or Call 9833164315.
See their products here:

Review Credit:  Sanskaara Lalwani

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