Beauty Service Review:

I have a busy life and I’m barely ever home. When I am home I just want to unwind. I hate to go to the salon or parlour, eats up my whole day. The traffic, the waiting time and just being around strangers on my day off. I spend all my time out so there are times when I don’t want to look at any new persons face, absolutely no small talk, enter

I had heard a lot of other bloggers and people talk about it but somehow I never gave this service a try. When Housejoy got in touch with me recently, I scheduled a organic fruit facial with them. I immediately got an email from them saying my appointment had been confirmed. Then I got a call from the girl “Lata Vaid” who was supposed to be my beauty therapist for the day. She reached right on time and came up. I asked her to wash her hands and begin setting up. 

She set up really quickly and we began the facial. She was very well trained and used everything disposable. 

The facial was very relaxing and the products she used made the whole room smell like a posh spa. 

After she finished she cleaned everything up and left. Before leaving she recommended some more of her services to me which I’m going to try really soon. 

A day after my facial my skin felt brighter and more radiant, very pleased with the products they used. Thumbs up.

Rating: 4/5 Stars 

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