Smartphone Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 @ ₹ 67,900

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The best (or most expensive) Samsung phone is here (according to some) and it seems better than ever. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is here rocking a (nearly) bezel-less display, a 6.3 inch mega screen with a screen so good that you cannot take your eyes off it. The screen, in fact, is so sharp and brilliant that if you just had to buy a phone based on the screen, there will be no competition. It is the biggest selling point of the phone especially considering the last ‘bomb gate’ (there, I said it!) Note 7.

The ppi count is 522, beating most phones out there and the gorgeous phone boasts of the biggest screen to body ratio (82.9%), beating even the new iPhone X!. Kudos, Samsung.

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                                                                                                                                                                             (Pic taken from: Samsung India)

For those inclined on geeky specs, here it is:

•Note 8 is powered by 1.7GHz octa-core Samsung Exynos 9 Octa 8895 processor.

•It has 6 GB of RAM (as Android optimisation sucks, you will need the extra RAM)

•64 GB internal storage (128 GB not yet available) with expandable storage.

•Dual 12 megapixel camera (Samsung first)

•3300 mAh battery (quite disappointing, but Samsung is playing safe this year)


 The Stylus or the S-pen is a superb productivity tool according to me and in the Note 8 it is even better. The response and ease of use are top-notch but importantly comes with a host of features that are brilliant. Primary, is that you can now add two apps that you can open together with one click, using the S-pen. The other great thing about the phone is the 12 megapixel, f1.7 primary camera that now comes with an additional f2.4 telephoto secondary lens. The camera is one of the best on the market. Additionally, both the lenses are Optically Stabilised, making it a first. The detail you get from the pictures is superb, especially the skies as literally nothing is blown out. There is another Live Focus feature that Samsung has added in the hone and it is quite good too. Although I far prefer the portrait mode on the iPhone, this is a solid performer and a welcome addition.


Now on to the negatives and the biggest one is battery life. If you rock a screen as good as this, Samsung had to put extra juice in the battery to take advantage of it. There are 3 resolutions you can set on the Note 8. HD+ , that will restrict the resolution to 1480×720, the FHD+ (2220×1080 pixels) and finally the WQHD+ mode, which will take it to the max resolution of 2960×1440 pixels. In the highest setting the battery drains really fast and I mean really fast, like a 3.5 hr screen time.

The other problem and that is a complaint I ‘ve had with all Galaxy 2017 devices is the placement of the fingerprint sensor. Very uncomfortable and hard to get at, it gets really annoying if you use it a lot.

Finally, the real reason you should not buy the Note 8 is that there is a better, cheaper, extremely premium phone available in the market – the Samsung Galaxy S8 plus. Seriously, other than the fact that the Note has a stylus, its specs are nearly identical to the S8 plus. In fact, the S8 has a bigger battery and a comparable screen to body ratio and only a few ppi’s below the Note 8. Plus you can buy a Samsung S8 plus (64 GB) for ₹ 60,900!, a whopping 7k less!.

The Note 8 as a standalone phone absolutely rocks, but if you are not too hung on the S-pen or the dual camera then you can find cheaper phones and be as happy.



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