Pizza Hut launches FCD store in Delhi


Open Kitchen not only opens up the cooking secrets as well opens up hunger pangs. The scent of roasted spice, bread straight from the oven and freshly sauté vegetables are mesmerizing and the only expression is mmmmm…

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All this combined with fast service, fashionable layout and vibrant interiors makes your favorite pick of pizza all the more delectable. One can watch the freshly rolled out dough, seasoned with fresh ingredients and flavor infused sauces, dozed with mozzarella cheese into a signature pizza.


The store is designed in a contemporary style adding some not so important but essential demands of free Wi-Fi, charging points and foot tapping music of urban youth. Sumit Anand, popular Stand-up comedian performed at the launch giving audience fits of laughter. The store is located at Shop No.29, Community Centre, PVR Anupam, Saket, New Delhi.


Food tastes great with experience is the present day mantra and the launch of such stores is a step forward to it. In addition, it emphasizes on the brand’s mantra – “For the Love of Pizza”.

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I enjoyed my meal here, hope you too. You can dine, take away or order from this store. However, the experience is only when you dine in with your best buddies. So, do make a visit and enjoy your favorite pizza.

Happy Eating… 🙂

Credit: Nipun
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