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As the Festive Season begins, Foodhall brings out a range of gifts that are sure to impress.

With the everchanging, lifestyle its hard to gift your special people the right kind of gift. Keeping that in mind, it seems Foodhall has gone all out and has given us a whole range of gifting hampers.
Be it a before or an after party hamper, it has products that anyone could hope for.

It’s an exciting experience unwrapping the perfect present. Foodhall has made sure that no matter what the occasion, any gift you choose is the perfect gift. These hampers keep mind and also include products suitable for a personal occasion, a festive cheer or a way to appreciate your colleagues and partners. One can always find a gift hamper that fits not only your budget but is customized to perfection.

Not just a gift but an exclusive experience for family, friends, and relatives. Discover the art of gifting luxury to your loved ones with the best flavors, collections, and love. Foodhall has ensured that there is always something new in the store for you. These hampers are perfect for ensuring communication of the best of wishes in style, luxury and personalized with a lot of emotion.



Explore a range of hampers that are perfect in every way. Each carefully handpicked luxury hamper in this category comes with the assurance that no matter what the occasion, it will be hard not to fall in love with it.

 HALL OF FAME – Perfect for celebratory moments – Price: Rs.11000

An assortment that’s perfect for the connoisseur with a roving taste, and sure to guarantee a unique dining experience with the finest of products.

Foodhall Specials – Pink Peppercorn & Chives Cream Cheese, Sicilian Sweet Olives, Red Ginger & Saffron Candle, Trio of Citrus Jam. Truffle Cheese, Castello Camembert, Truffle Mustard, Fresh Mixed Berries, Lindt Swiss Thins, Chandon Rose.

EPIC – A perfect treat for a big fat Indian wedding – Price: Rs.6100


An opulent selection of chocolates, coffee, snacks and confectionery to round off a hamper that emanates perfection.

Foodhall Specials: Assorted Gummies, Bustaan – Blueberry Dragees.

Terra Original, Gruezi Swiss Matterhorn Chocolate, Villars Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts, Belgian Truffle Fantasy Filling, Pretzels, El Sabor Cheese Dip, Café Espresso, Bonne Maman Four Fruits Preserve, Walkers Butter Shortbread Cookies, Poof Coffee Hazelnut Waffles.

NOOR – Great for festive gifting – Price: Rs.5150

A fresh collection of exotic Middle Eastern dried fruits and spices to invigorate your senses, all arranged in one spectacular hamper.

ARQA: Rose Petals, Mast O Khair, Iranian Lime Powder. Pink Pistachios, Pine Nuts, Turkish Apricots, Medjoul Dates.

Joy – Give a gift that crosses over to unfamiliar boundaries for the experimental epicure. Revel in the joy of creation with our DIY hampers, replete with the finest ingredients and recipe cards to push you towards creating a unique masterpiece.

 VOYAGER NOURISH – Great for all home cooks

A hamper to satisfy your cravings while keeping your New Year’s resolution on track.

Traditions by Foodhall: Sprouted Amaranth Flour. ARQA – Himalayan Pink Salt. Bustaan – Sunflower Seeds. Organic Farm Semolina & Quinoa Pasta, Kohinoor Authentic Basmati Brown Rice, Rosemary & Olive Seasoning, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Kosh Premium Oats, Under the Mango Tree Himalayan Flora Honey.


Bring the sweetest delights of the world right at your doorstep with Foodhall’s delightfully decadent range of chocolate and confectionery hampers. Find the choicest flavors in elegant packaging that are sure to delight everyone.

 LEGACY OF INDIA – The classic Indian gift for all occasions – Price: Rs.1800 onwards

An assortment of items exclusively curated and created by Foodhall, catering to legacies with an Indian touch.

Choose any 4 items from the options listed below to curate your own hamper. Pista Motichoor Truffle, Coconut Paan Truffle, Badam Barfi Dark Chocolate Truffle, Kaju Katli Anjeer Truffle, Pista Kaju Roll, Motichoor Laddoo, Kesar Kaju Katli, Badam Barfi Besan Chakki.


Discover the ideal gift that captures the warmth and positive energy in a world of deadlines and stress. Our exceptional range combines the finest of products that strike the right balance between wellness and flavors.

 BREAK OF DAWN – Ideal for housewarming – Price: Rs.4650

Gift morning freshness and a delightful breakfast, all in one beautiful package. Foodhall Specials: Almond & Walnut Biscotti, Roasted Garlic & Parsley Cream Cheese. The Coffee Co-Morning Dew, Sprig Cinnamon Sugar, Coffee Press, Sustenance Pecan Coconut & Chocolate Granola, Mackays Scottish Blackcurrant Preserve, Sesame Bagels.

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