Review: The Leather Laundry – Designer Products’ Spa/Renewal Service

Not all of us can afford to keep spending money on designer bags, shoes and clothes all the time. You save for months or even years before you can get that brilliant designer Louis Vuitton bag, but what happens next? It gets dull, dirty and it soon becomes apparent that you own an old LV bag and that certainly isn’t a style statement.

I was online when I came across this service that promised to make my old leather bag look new. I was amazed, is that even possible? Can they renew my leather bag to make it look newly bought again? Surely that can’t be possible. I was quite apprehensive but I did order the “The Leather Laundry” to pick up my Guess Handbag. Now guess isn’t as expensive as all the top designer bags but it was the only dirty old handbag I had that I wanted to be renewed because I got it from Singapore and it was a limited edition Guess bag. However, the most important thing about this bag is that it was my first ever expensive gift to my mom and I wanted it to be renewed and looking fresh for her.

So I read that these spa service providers can clean up my bags with the right chemicals and methods and make it look new.

How it Works?

Step 1: You place your order online or give them a call.

Step 2: They will have your bags, shoes or clothes assessed and they will tell you about the treatments they will use and results that the process will lead to.


Step 3: They collect your product from your home and have it delivered to you when they are done with it.

The Result: Before and After 


To give you a closer look….



The bag was in terrible condition, it was discoloured, the zipper was not working and the leather look dirty and dated.


Take a closer look at how new the bag looked once they were done with it….


All the stains were gone, the zipper was fixed, the leather had a beautiful matte finish and even the Guess logo had been polished and renewed somehow. The results were astonishing.

There are many other services out there but as I read the reviews online I was of the opinion that The Leather Laundry would do the best job because of the fact that they are the most premium and high-end leather laundry.

the leather laundry

I would rate the service – 5/5.

PS: They did take a little longer than expected to return my bag but that wasn’t a deal breaker because I wasn’t desperate to have my bag back.

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