Evening with Hendrick’s @Wishing Chair, Gurgaon!

I love how Hendrick’s chooses most amazing places of the city to host its event! This time it was wishing Chair and there was nothing more I could have wished for! With the awesomest people around and the best of talks, this evening was made of pure love!

I don’t remember going to wishing chair and coming out empty handed, that’s the beauty of this place and this time it was coupled with awesomeness of Hendrick’s! this can be called nothing but beauty at it’s best!I have been a big fan of Hendrick’s myself and I think I am falling in love with this drink every time I have it! It’s just amazing enough to let you switch off from this weary world!


A big table in between loaded with awesome food and a bar cocktailing the most amazing Hendrick’s cocktail! I wish I have many such evenings and life stays awesome like this always! Loads of love for Hendricks and wishing chair both!!

Credit: Priyanka
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