Product Review: BARSYS, Your very own Cocktail maker

I need to start with the word WOW! I mean really what I saw with my eyesfew days back, it really had me mesmerized… They call it Barsys but I am going to call it my very own personal bartended available right there for me 24*7bin my bar!! Dude, technology is going place and Barsys really proved that thing..


While was on my way for the launch, I had my own speculations about this cocktail maker that what is the fuss all about, we do have a coffee maker as well, it’s just a little more better version of that and it’s called a s cocktail maker but MAN! I was taken by surprise.. It’s much much  more than what I speculated..


Let me start with it’s beauty part and then I will talk about functionalities. It’s almost a size of a Microwave or may be little bigger than that but it’s pretty from all the corners, they way you can put your bottle upside down on the top, the light combinations they have used, metallic finish and what not! It’s a beauty sitting right there in your bar which will compliment any darn Bar setup.. Big or small!!


As for the functional part, it is synced with an App which has nothing less than 2000 cocktail recipes, all that you have to do is feed the data about the liquids you have put in the machine and app will show all the cocktails that can be made out of it! what happens post that is pure magic, just select one of the cocktails, put your glass in the machine and there you go! It will pour the cocktail for you! Pick it up and enjoy it till eternity! Isn’t that the awesomest thing on earth?


Points worth mentioning:

  • It understands the difference between stirring and shaking!
  • It doesn’t start pouring until you put the glass
  • App gives you an alarm if either of the drink is getting over
  • You have to remember, it’s awesome!


Credit: Priyanka
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