The China Kitchen goes 10

The China Kitchen, Hyatt Regency, Delhi turns ten this year on 24 August, and the celebration is on until 30 September. Are they partying? Yes, they present you with an opportunity to party thrice a week, by sharing 50 percent of your bill. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, they offer 50 percent discount on your bill.


The Chinese cuisine needs no introduction and neither do The China Kitchen. The place is authentic and the serious efforts are put in to achieve that. It can be imagined from the fact, that the kitchen has five master chefs, and each one is expert in his own tasks. Their one chef does the duck and he only does the duck, a duck chef. They truly believe in the saying that “practice makes the man perfect”. Where there is so much dedication to perfection, questioning the authenticity is out of question. Now, lets go through a quick food tour

Starting from the Salads


(Sichuan chicken Salad)


(Chinese bean curd stick, Celery Salad)


dumplings were all so good, not sure which one I liked more.


(Steamed Green vegetable dumpling)


(Steamed Broccoli crystal dumpling)


(Prawn tail dumpling)


(Pan fried glutinous lamb dumpling)

Main Course


(Wok fried sweet and sour fish)


(Pan fried noodles with chili, bell pepper, onion, bean sprout)


(Wok toss Snow peas pock choi black pepper sauce)


(Traditional Mapo Tofu, chili, chives, garlic, sichuan peppercorn)


(Woks toss eggplant, chili, soy)


(Wok fried Spicy pork belly celery chili, soy)

and now, Desserts


(China Kitchen Dessert Tray). Had I been aware of this at start, would have skipped everything else… “Lovely”


Recommendation is to take pleasure in the ongoing celebration.

Happy Eating… 🙂

Credit: Nipun
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