Namak Mandi Restaurant Review

The Qureshi brothers are back with a new venture in Delhi and we couldn’t wait to pay a visit!

Our favorite North Indian food blended with the colorful and scented flavors from Kashmir is just what we need to enjoy this season.

Whether it was the delicious Rogan Hosh or the scrumptious Subz Miloni, the cuisine didn’t fail to surprise us with its exotic fusions.

What stole our hearts was the fulfilling Karachi Bori Biryani which right from being placed at the table till it’s last bite, mesmerized everyone with it’s abundance of vegetables and spices! Each bite came with a new hidden essence and we couldn’t wait to try the next.

The desserts too, we’re very unique and appealing. Each dish had its own savory aroma and the presentation craved for our attention!

In a nutshell, if you are looking to add a new experience to your taste buds, this is a place you would surely want to try!


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