Restaurant Review: The Great Kabab Factory, Radisson, Noida

Radisson Noida which was known by the name Park Plaza around 2 months back is a place which is hardly 200 steps away from my place and I have always been looking forward to visit it!! Finally I got the chance and Man! It’s beautiful.. You will get such warm welcome at the entrance only! Enter the hotel and you will feel happy from every corner of the being!!

Great Kabab factory is situated on the 4th floor and once you ask about that on the reception, they will send in someone to escort you till there! (Little things always add up to your experience and I always make it a point to talk about it)


Well for the place, it’s quite pretty! There’s a pool right in front of you, I am not sure if you can have the dinner there by the pool side because it’s quite dark in there and there are lot of pool chairs around, I forgot to ask about it but may be you can try in your luck and check if you can at next to the pool.

Restaurant is beautiful, interiors are not too flashy or not too bland, there is a subtle use of color blue and gold and it gives a royal feel to an extent.. Cant forgot to mention that the place is lit up with candles all over and I personally love the candle lit setting so it was a win-win situation for me!

We started our meal with the Kebabs being served, I specifically chose to eat Veg that day so they bought over around 6 variety of Kebabs and I had them all, quite a melting in mouth experience. Best thing about them is that they keep on explaining about the kabab as they serve, you are not left to scroll through your imagination and taste to guess that what was it made of.. Out of all the kabas I had, one deserves a special mention which was made out of gourd, like almost everyone I am not a great fan of gourd but surprisingly they did a decent job with that!

For the drinks I ordered a light mocktail and it was served in a huge glass, lasted till the end!


Moving on to the main course, I made a very basic and usual choice of Paneer and variety of Dal paired with Butter Naan. Everything was amazing, even though I was already full with the awesomeness, starters and my huge mocktail, main course managed to make it’s space and I ended up eating little more than I expected.. Ofcourse because of the taste it provided me.

Dessert part needs mention of their pan ice cream, well I really liked that one and the other things were decent too!!

Overall a friendly staff, pretty picturesque interiors, lit up candles and good food made my evening! I had a great time, time for you to spend a good one too!!


Credit: Priyanka
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