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What is the best way to satiate your hunger for something sweet? I say it’s donuts!

 What is the best place in Mall of India to have Donuts, I say its “Mad Over Donuts”

Mall of India is a huge mall, we all agree to that, take  a round and you would want to land in food court to have something, to re-energize yourself, to take on the day ahead! When you get that feeling and when you specially want to have something sweet you can straightway go to Mad over Donuts and order your favorite donut from the elaborate menu they have..


Also, you need to try their waffles, I am a big fan of waffles myself but I hardly find a place which does good job with waffles! I mean the crunchy and the creamy part need to have clear demarcation.. I don’t think I can ever favor soggy waffles, it’s a huge turn off always! Talking about mad over donuts, they are serving these amazing waffles (Please note hell lot of variety too) which are not soggy or messy, they aren’t too sweet or too bland! They are good waffles and they taste like waffles..


If at all, I would want to talk about something then it has to be there Mocha, I have had Mocha quite a lot of times before but never as sweet as this one! God, I felt sweetness trickling down from my mouth till my tummy! Wasn’t a good experience with that overall, rest everything was perfect!


This place can actually make you go mad over donuts, so go ahead guys have fun with the donuts!! This place is calling you!!!!


Credit: Priyanka
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