Noodle Symphony at Spice Route – The Imperial, New Delhi

Satiating the diners with global culinary pleasures at The Spice Route, Chef Veena Arora brings in yet another creative menu – Noodle Symphony marked with her distinguished  recipes, tweaking the popular specialties of Thailand. The menu also features one of the popular recipes along with one of her favourite Malaysian recipes.

MEE GORENG- Malaysian style yellow noodle wok fried with mixed sea food .JPG

In the monumental environment of the art laden Spice Route, the guests can sample an exclusive Noodle menu this August, painstakingly put together to suite every palate.  In the words of Chef Veena Arora, Chef De Cuisine The Spice Route “Rice or lentil noodles, are extremely light and can be prepared in multitude of ways. In Thailand, these ultra thin noodles are eaten for breakfast and are deliciously consumed with soups or eaten as a complete meal in the form of soups.”  She further says “ People in Thailand love their green curry with fermented rice noodles and being a Thai national myself,  in India I prefer eating my green curry with Phad Thai noodles. I recommend this to many guests and they simply love it. So while making this menu I thought of creating wholesome offerings or you can consider it a one pot Thai meal by mixing curries and noodles together and complemented them with chicken and prawns. The result was a truly wholesome meal, suiting the palate of every South East Asian food lover. Apart from tweaking the traditional Thai specials into my own recipes, I also experimented with traditional Kieow Tieow Naam with chicken and Thai style wantons making it as healthy as it is delicious. To cater to my vegetarian guests and make the menu equally desirable as meat lovers, I have added vegan meat in all the vegetarian recipes, made with konjac and soya.”


CHEF_S SPECIAL- stir fried cellophane noodle with cherry tomatoes and scrambled eggs

The menu offers distinct types of noodles including Chef Veena’s secret recipe with CHEF’S SPECIAL– stir fried cellophane noodle with cherry tomatoes and scrambled eggs. Keeping novelty and variety in the menu, Chef Veena doesn’t cease to surprise with KIEOW TIEOW KHEOW WAAN – Thai rice noodle wok fried with green curry paste, bamboo shoot and white pumpkin garnished with crispy basil, while the popular Malaysian recipe MEE GORENG Spicy wok fried egg noodle with mixed sea food Malaysian style surely promises one a culinary haven. KIEOW TIEOW NAAM – clear soup flavoured with cinnamon, served with flat broad rice noodle and sliced chicken, Chinese cabbage, beansprout and scallion garnish with crushed peanut, chilli flakes and sugar TOM YUM KIEOW TIEOW – spicy & tangy soup flavoured with galangal, lemon grass, Kaffir leaves served with Thai rice vermicelli noodle and  SEN KROB– Wok fried crispy noodle with carrot, baby spinach and colorful bell peppers in Thai light soya sauce, present the every so enriching flavours of Thailand for ultimate indulgence!

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15th August – 31st August 2017

12:30 PM-2:45 PM| 7 PM-11:45 PM

Meal for two price for Noodle symphony menu- INR 4000 + Taxes

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