Product Review: Epigamia – The Colourful Healthy Greek Yoghurt

I’m always looking for healthier alternatives in my diet but healthy doesn’t necessarily always mean tasty. If you want to make healthy things tasty you need to have a lot of time and patience which most people don’t have. As a part of my diet I like to eat homemade yoghurt but because I’m always travelling I end up missing out on really good yoghurt. When Epigamia sent me it’s greek yoghurt I tried it with an open mind because I knew that greek yogurt is a great way to boost your protein levels, it is packed with probiotics that are great for the digestive system and contain Vitamin B12 which is crucial for energy and healthy brain function.

I love the plain no sugar version but my favourite is their snack pack which I carry in my handbag. The Mango Greek Yoghurt with Chunky Granola may look tiny but it is really filling, sweet and it has very little calories.

I have a lot of salt in my diet and even though I try to cut it out I just am not able to do it. However, when I learnt that greek yoghurt is high in potassium which balances out the excess sodium in my diet I was elated to know that my BP will probably be prevented for some more years!

There was a time when I used to come back from the gym and just faint on my couch because of exertion. I used to be too tired to even eat. Now after gym, on my drive back home I have a small pack of Epigamia and I’m all energised by the time I’m home.

Even though the excessive salt I take takes care of my iodine but many times I replace it with rock salt or some form of pure salt so now I’ve started using greek yoghurt as a fulfiller of my iodine requirement. It’s full of it and it helps me maintain a healthy metabolism and it also helps me keep my weight low.

My mother and grandmom both suffer from osteopenia, in fact, a lot of women face the risk of bone related diseases and eating greek yoghurt every day helps because of its high calcium content.

It is available in many flavours so there is something for everyone or in my case, a new flavour for me after every meal!


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