Cha Bar’s charming new gourmet spread

Books! Coffee! Tea! Sweet and savory, Cha Bar has always been known as true Delhi-ite’s quaint and artistry spot to get lost in hills of books and comforting caffeine dose.

Well! Hold your tastebuds and longing for pretty coffee dates because the legend-dairy Cha Bar at the Oxford book is greetings you with its freshest menu!


With the smell of some hot mess going on in their kitchen and the seating of the cafe only over flowing with a happy crowd ranging from college gangs; cutesy couples also families finding time in their busy schedules to spend time with each other over a pretty ambiance and good grub.

With a relaxing masala Chai in a carefully crafted ceramic kettle, and Rose Tea to warm you up, my favourite chocolate chip muffins made the perfect pair.


The Mumbai style vada pav and mini Burgers had a taste of their own. Finger food to say; but with crunchy-munchy tikkis and chutneys of each, and different buns, both are surely a must-try.


Having a fetish for strong coffee , I enjoyed Cha  Bar’s divine Affogato ie was a generous espresso shot with a dollop of frothy Vanilla Icecream, well blended!

The bright shaded Peach and Rasberry Iced Teas were eye as well as summer heat stealers.

Their new menu is definitely worth going all the way to Connaught Place, whether you hail from Gurgaon or Noida.  Gorge on their scrumptious chocolate and berry cupcakes; Red Velvet truffles.

Green and glowing Kiwi tarts here are tangy, and trust me! Your sweet tooth definitely wants to give them a try!




So head to Cha Bar right away for the date with your other or just yourself with colour, calm and crazy coffee and snacks amidst the glittery forest of the widest range of reads.



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