Sugar, spice and everything Nice @ LBB Sugar Rush at the DLF Mall of India

IMG-20170805-WA0054.jpgThe DLF Mall of India is new, it’s huge and it’s exciting! But it’s all the more happening with a crazy event like the Sugar Rush Fest.

The colorful and fairy world resembling set up of the fest hosted a number of treats for Sweet-Tooths. It had a variety of vendors from lanes of Chandni Chowk including Kuremal ki Kulfi, Roshan di Kulfi etc.

From Menchies Frozen  Yogurt, the best I’ve had till date; to a helluva dish of waffles

; the event is where you have to head right now, to complete this Sunday.

The special Asparagus Sushi from Enoki was more than just filling, it was divine and mind you! The strongest but satiating Wasabi with it, gimme more of the spicy fun!


Did you say chocolate? Then you wouldn’t miss out on the Oreo Cheesecake by For God’s Cake here.

After bingeing a bit too much to on coco loco flavours, my tastebuds were also treated to A Red berry Lemon cupcake infused with Ciroc red berry vodka by ‘All Things yummy’.


If you’re not in the mood of a chocolate overdose, feel free to drool over the scrumptious lemon honey almond cake from the Fine Food Cellar.


Did anyone say Ice cream? Yussss! And what I relished then was a burst of authentic Rasberry Sorbet and Dark Coffee Gelato by Minus 30. Woah ! She makes all of them at home sans any artificial ingredients, thus being a fan of Strong Coffee, I adored this one.

Blueberry cheesecake fix was done right by 221 B Bakers Street.

And! My absolute love was Sleepy Owl’s master blends of Iced Coffee, Smooth Black and chilling Vietnamese. I gorged fondly on the 1st two Cold brews, and boy! What a gush of satiation, flavor, caffeine, and freshness was it. For Sure gonna keep their contact number on my speed dial.


And if the grub and all wasn’t enough, soulful young artists were keeping the crowd glued with energizing and melodious Bollywood and Indi-pop tracks, one of the artist bands being ‘Bhor’.

Twinkling lights and gallons of grub, musical notes and a pretty affair, Little Black Book Delhi and DLF Mall of India’s Sugar Rush made this long weekend just sweeter.


























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