DSLR Review: Canon 6D and 200D are Here for a Click!

Canon brings in 200d and 6d mark II. Phones are smart and cameras are sensible. You don’t  agree? Then the answer is new in the series canon 6d Mark II. Photography is writing with light, and this camera understands this well. With ISO 40000, it does the job sensibly without creating noise in your portrait. One needs a setup for that special portrait; however, the results created by this master with just a little light from the door are amazing. The below pic is without any edit. Though it is a random click of click, however, it gives a fair idea of the quality of the original pic.


With features such as wifi connectivity, in build GPS, touch screen enhances usability and henceforth the experience. Though these small features may not influence the picture quality, however, greets your mood. Moreover, a happy mood is necessary for the masterpiece one aspires for.

200d also comes packed with smart features and a very good buy for amateurs. With features such as which allow high-quality selfies with ease. It has 24.2 megapixels as compared to 26.2 of elder brother 6d. It has ISO range from 100-25600. The detailed specifications can be read at


Credit: Nipun
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