5 Reasons Why Gaana Is My Favourite App

I absolutely love my job, maybe a little too much. I spend most of my time travelling and writing. Travelling is a lot of fun but we all know that good music always makes life a little more special. I am not the kind of person who would download songs, create playlists or have loads of favourite songs. I like to go with the flow. I pick music that sounds good and I tend to listen to the songs I love again and again. However, I do get bored easily so I need a quick change and Gaana gives me all the options I could ever dream of.

Why is it my fave app thought? Well, following are the reasons why….


  1. It’s available in Multiple Languages: I love Gaana because it is available in 9 Indian languages besides English. Why is that important to me? Well, I have travelled, lived and studied in most of the states in India as my dad was in a transferable job. I know many languages and I feel this app is very accessible for audiences outside Tier 1 cities. It is available in Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, and Bhojpuri. Isn’t that amazing? IMG_0315.JPG
  2. Filter your Music: With the Gaana app, you can filter music by your language preference. When you download the app, you will be prompted to select your preferred languages. This feature is now live on Android and will come to iPhone users soon.
  3. Don’t just listen, WATCH: I love that the Gaana app now shows you the popular music videos right on the home screen. There are many times I listen to a song and picture it in my head because I don’t know what its video would be like. Well, now if I’m ever curious, I just tap the video icon against any song I like to view its video.
  4. It has a Lyrics feature: I am so bad at remembering lyrics and in most of the cases I just don’t know what the singers sing as most songs nowadays are really fast. The Gaana app allows me to click on the lyrics tab in the player when the song is playing and hum along. My favourite feature for sure! IMG_0317.JPG
  5. Subscribe for Unlimited Downloads: The worst bit is when you have to pay to download and listen to each song. The Gaana app has an easy navigation design and a personalization framework that provides an enriching experience and you can subscribe to enjoy unlimited downloads.


Gaana’s mission has always been to bring the best music experience to all of India. Gaana reaches over 25 million consumers but is now finally usable for hundreds of millions of Indians who can’t read English. This is one of the multiple initiatives by us to provide value to all Indians across India and the world.

Gaana is a division of Times Internet, India’s largest diversified digital business. Times Internet reaches over 175 million users every month across more than thirty digital businesses across web and mobile, with businesses across news, entertainment, sports, local, e-commerce, classifieds, start-up investments, local partnerships, and more.





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