Restaurant Review: The Creative Kitchen, Gurgaon (Gurugram), Haryana

You are looking like a proper chef in an apron and a hat, but when you are asked to recognize the ingredients that go into the making of south Indian dish ‘Chicken 65’, you miss out on some basic ones. This, despite the ‘judge’ dropping enough hints. We, a group of six amateurs, for instance, couldn’t think of curry leaves in the south Indian dish! What a shame!

What could be more embarrassing than that, one might think. Not really. It was rather fun. Of course, there was another group that got more ingredients right than us. So what? It would’ve been so boring if we had got everything right.

If you are planning to visit The Creative Kitchen (TCK), at Radisson hotel at Sector 55, Noida, it may be good idea to know some of the ingredients in the dishes that you plan to eat. Or maybe not. It is rather fun to go with an open mind and get a few things wrong. And just have fun and learn in the process.

A little while later, we added another feather to our collective cap. We cooked pasta. How can you go wrong there? After all, the ingredients are in front of you. Too many amateur cooks are bound to spoil the broth. The TCK chefs may have felt so after eating ours. We can still claim that the pasta we prepared, with so many disagreements, was at least edible. What’s the fun in making a perfect pasta? You gloat and you forget. Not us.


As the name of the restaurant goes, it is indeed quite Creative. If you happen to be there for a lazy buffet on a weekend and the restaurant proposes that you have a bit of fun, our advice is, grab it with both hands.

Located on the lobby level of the Radisson Noida, the cuisine at TCK is quite creative and elaborate with Indian, Chinese and Western fares thrown into the mix. And the buffet at this restaurant with tastefully done interiors overlooking a small waterbody and a nice green area is quite alluring.


We would advise you to go for the starters with a drink or two.

When all was done, we came back with the belief that chefs make great restaurants. But when customers have fun at restaurants and chefs indulge them, it’s no longer just about food alone. It’s about the whole experience. Our lunch at the TCK was more than just food and it was great.

We had Chicken 65, Dahi ke Kabab, Crunchy corn cake with hot garlic sauce in starters and we must say that we were quite impressed. Chicken 65 was succulent and aromatic. Dahi ke Kabab was melt in the mouth with the right amount of spices. Stir-fried Chicken with dry red chilli was another dish that had our tastebuds jumping with joy. Of course we washed these dishes down with our favourite alcholic drinks.

It was time for buffet and it was quite elaborate with Indian, Oriental and Continental dishes to choose from. Some of the dishes we tried included Teen Mirch ka Paneer, Peeli Dal Tadka, TCK Biryani, pastas and other dishes. TCK has ‘Jain special’ too for the “pure vegetarians.”

What’s a meal without a dessert? Tiramisu was just about perfect. So was Amaretto Creme Brulee. But Gil-e-Firdaus, a Hyderabadi rice kheer was awesome.

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