ITC Master Chef – Super Safe Spices

IMG_20170716_183618.jpgYour gut cries when you digest an unhealthy spice. This is the reality of present day pesticide rich spices which are an integral part of Indian cooking. ITC launches a new range of Master Chef Super Safe spices. And those have been tested for close to 500 tests for no pesticides they deserve to be called as super safe.


I am sure, you must be thinking, so are they organic? Being organic is one thing and being free from pesticide is another. For a product to be classified as organic, it has to go through series of tests. These are not organic spices, however there are tested negative for pesticide residues.


The usual notion is, what is healthy doesn’t taste good. This hypothesis has been proved wrong with these spices. We at the launch event of the Super Safe spices cooked Panner, Mutton, Chicken and Chole, using only and only these spices and all dishes tasted awesome.


So, it is not an exaggeration to say that ITC Master Chef is a complete masala in itself with certification of Safety. A good initiative for the Indian Consumer and would be great to see them come up with variants for more Indian preparations.

Credit: Nipun
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