Random Thoughts: Anxiety 


All of us feel anxious but some of us feel it more than others. Some of us can deal with better than others.

It always helps to have someone by your side but at the same time if you have someone by your side who doesn’t get it is absolutely useless.

However, sometimes there maybe people who get it at times but don’t get it the rest of the time.

A feeling of hollowness, helplessness, fear and uncertainly takes over. There might be some triggers. My trigger is music. Isn’t that odd? Most people find comfort in music. I feel when I listen to or look at videos it transports me to what could have been, or what it could be like – FOMO kicks in. It feels like life is passing me by without the happiness I deserve. The next thought that comes to my head is – “WTH! Get a life! Do something important! Why are you wasting time with your thoughts? There are other people out there doing much important things with their lives.”

Is it so bad to spend times with your thoughts though. Isn’t it ok to catch a break. Fighters, competitive people have to work tirelessly is what we hear. Does that lead to unreasonable burden? And does that lead to anxiety?

There are times when you will blame everyone but yourself for your anxiety. Blaming others won’t help. Blaming yourself won’t help either. What may help is to get a checklist, put some tasks on there that will make you happy, at the end of the day when you have completed tasks on the checklist you will feel a sense of achievement that may help to combat the anxiety.

If that doesn’t help try getting someone else’s persepective. Don’t have anyone to talk to? Talk to God. Even when I don’t have anyone I have God. Talk to God like you would talk to a friend. At first you may not find comfort or answers but keep trying and your anxiety will fade away.

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