If I ask you what is one brand whose journey you actually follow. I mean c’mon we all accept that we have our favorite brands and we all know how they have evolved over time. Isn’t it? Well, if I talk about myself, I love and adore and follow and get inspired by the journey of Johnnie walker! It is one brand which has evolved to become one of the most iconic brand in the history of world and it was no less than a great pleasure when I was invited by Westin, Gurgaon for a whiskey walk with Johnnie walker and needless to mention, because it was Westin it added all the more stars and excitement to the whole thing..


I reached Westin sharp on time and as expected it’s a beautiful artsy niche place aptly located in the concrete jungle of Gurgaon but having said that the moment you will enter Westin, you will cut yourself off from this concrete jungle and will be surrounded by good, happy, green, posh and positive vibes.

The evening started with interesting conversations with fellow invitees and ofcourse the marvelous cocktails of Johnnie walker, must give credits to the bartender, he did a real nice job there!

Soon enough, we reached to the part of night we all were waiting for, the Johnnie walker infused dinner! The chef enchanted the guests with a three-course menu coordinated with the Johnnie Walker and the best part was that he presented the right drink for every course.

We started off with JW black Label moved to JW Double Black label and then JW platinum Label 18 Y.O. Well, that’s not the end, we ended it with Gold Label Reserve, of course paired with the awesomest food complimenting every drop of iconic JW!

Special Mention: The man behind this luxuriously crafted evening- Ashwani Nayar, Westin’s new General Manager who ensured a perfect evening for all present. I can go  on and on about his warm and welcoming attitude towards all attendee and honestly it’s such gestures which makes your whole experience worth while. And once again, thank you Ashwani it was a pleasure meeting you!

Overall, it was great fun and I am going to remember this warm evening for a real long time! Or I think forever!


Credit: Priyanka
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