Bira 91 light– lightest for your guilt-free beer love

Have all you Beer lovers been cautious lately because of the weight and inevitable heavy-ness and high it gets along ?!

Bira decided to end your worry with its newest gift, the ‘Bira 91 Light’.  And the celebration of which is carried in 3 major cities – Delhi, Bombay and Bangalore with its  – Bira 91 Light Lunch Festival.

You love Beer and Bira loves you! So India’s pioneer homegrown and handcrafted beer Brand, Bira commemorated its new additions ie Bira 91 light and Bira 91 strong an amazing selection of dining outlets with the latter’s’ light on the stomach lunch; that teams up just perfect with Bira’s new drink.


Crystal clear and charming; this beer is not only light on the pocket and bitterness; but also lightest in terms of calories; amidst all alcohol beverages- be it breezers, wine or any cocktail.

The teams made sure that with this sparkling ale, the brunch at Fio CookHouse is as light yet filling as the ale.

Crunchy Tomato Bruschettas topped with cheese and basil leaves, and a petite yet delicious mozzarella infused quiche called ‘Phyal Tazaa’ combined well with the Bira 91 ‘lunchtime Beer’.


Tomato Bruschetta and one of the most fluffy Focaccia Breads, Ive had


Quiche to dive in with Bira 91 Light


Yes, you had that right; this one is marketed as a ‘Lunchtime Beer’ for all the right reasons. You need not head out or wait for the night to get your hands on this one. Treat it as simply like you address your aerated beverages; but! get to feel the satiation of a ‘Beer’ as well.


Or you could simply pair this adorable monkey mascoted wheat pop with a yummy bread, like Fio did it for us: A delectable focaccia bread with sundried tomatoes served with Pesto and Salsa Sauce, to go along with ofcourse, the ‘Bira 91 Light’.


Cheesy and veggie Focaccia Bread with Pesto and Salsa Dips



Head to the ‘Bira 91 light lunch festival, you guys, its there till 9th July’17, 12-3pm, find out more here




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