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Food is for eating, good food is to be enjoyed and beautiful and good food should be shared and I am doing that now… 🙂IMG_20170703_131112.jpg

This is how I felt when I had my recent meal at Punjab Grills Tappa. Making tasty food is a skill, making tasty food and present it well is a super skill. The preparations are so appealing,it is difficult to resist and chances of overeating are very high.

IMG_20170703_134222.jpg(Tandoori Norwegian, Salmon, Dil and Saffron marinade)

When are first order arrived I was moved by the presentation, and was skeptical that whether it tastes great as the looks. The one thing that was consistence across all the preparations is that they may not look like a regular Indian meal, but the taste is purely Indian. The looks are deceptive in certain cases. Very few places in Delhi NCR serve Haleem, thankfully PG Tappa does. Haleem preparation is tasty and this was one of the happy moments to discover that it is now easily available at Cyber Hub

IMG_20170703_132259.jpg(Patthar Kebab chicken, Toasted Faux Nuts, Stir fried greens)

Ambiance is soothing with bar on one side. The range of liquor is good; one finding the choice is high.

Now, let’s go through a quick food tour

IMG_20170703_132344.jpg(Tawa Asparagus, Paneer Tikka with Tomato Chutney)

IMG_20170703_133305.jpg(Broccoli and Button mushroom, with char grilled home made carrot preserve)

IMG_20170703_140156_1.jpg(This was simply awesome, any guesses what is this? This is malabari paratha topped with chicken and semi cooked egg, and freshly garnished with gravy…I simply loved it)

IMG_20170703_140324.jpg(Haleem Khao suey)

IMG_20170703_140525.jpg(Dal Punjab Grill)

IMG_20170703_140741.jpg(Roasted Aloo Masala)

IMG_20170703_141124.jpg(Gobhi wadi matar pulao)

IMG_20170703_143353.jpg(Dessert Platter Summer)

Happy Eating… 🙂

Credit: Nipun
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